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Neuropsychology and the neurochemical lesion: evolution, applications and extensions.

The evolution of neuropsychology into a method for neurotoxic damage detection is reviewed. When neuropsychology is transformed into "neuropsychological toxicology", fundamental philosophical assumptions of the field are altered; the search for brain-behavior relationships must extend from structural damage into the analysis of neurochemical systems. The complementary relationship of human neuropsychology to basic toxicological and animal research is discussed. The great numbers of human "natural experiments" whose employment, medical history or substance abuse subjects them to contact with neurotoxic substances, suggest that there is a great need for expanded human investigations involving neuropsychological testing procedures in the service of research and clinical identification of neurotoxic syndromes. Further, it is argued that neurobehavioral procedures originally developed to detect industrial neurotoxic exposure will prove additionally useful assessing other brain-behavior disruptions mediated by neurochemistry or neurotoxicity rather than structural lesion. These frontiers include physical or emotional illness, substance abuse, effects of abused or prescription drugs as well as little-researched areas deserving of closer study, e.g., allergens or biotoxic exposure.[1]


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