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Disease relevance of Neuropsychology


Psychiatry related information on Neuropsychology


High impact information on Neuropsychology

  • Neuropsychology. Is dopamine a missing link [9]?
  • The present paper deals with the contribution of neuropsychology to the characterization of the type of epilepsy and the possible mechanisms underlying idiopathic epileptic syndromes [10].
  • Difficulties with EF appear to be one important component of the complex neuropsychology of ADHD [11].
  • MEASUREMENTS: The effects of nicotine treatment were determined with the clinical global impressions questionnaire, Conners' Continuous Performance test, and the automated neuropsychologic assessment metrics (ANAM) computerized neuropsychology battery [12].
  • OBJECTIVE: The present study examined the effects of acute dietary depletion of tryptophan (TRP) on cognitive and affective processing in healthy volunteers and explored the putative role of 5-HT in the neuropsychology of depression [13].

Biological context of Neuropsychology


Anatomical context of Neuropsychology


Associations of Neuropsychology with chemical compounds

  • Invasive testing is needed if there is evidence of bitemporal MTS on structural imaging and/or electrophysiologically, and additional information from functional imaging, neuropsychology, and the intracarotid amobarbital (Wada) test also does not help to lateralize the epileptogenic zone [18].
  • Neuropsychology of thallium poisoning [19].
  • Two main implications for clinical neuropsychology arising from cisplatin therapy are identified [16].
  • The evolution of neuropsychology into a method for neurotoxic damage detection is reviewed [20].
  • The unique contribution of neuropsychology, which includes standard neuropsychological assessment and intracarotid sodium amytal (Wada) testing, is its capability to predict lateralization and often localization of a brain lesion based on cognitive function and dysfunction, which can be demonstrated also in the absence of a structural lesion [21].

Gene context of Neuropsychology

  • The ASN immunoreactivity correlated with CERAD diagnosis, as well as Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) score, global neuropsychologic z-score and some, but not all, frontal neuropsychology measures [22].
  • Results are discussed in terms of the implications for the utility of ERP measures in clinical neuropsychology [23].
  • These findings are consistent with the underlying neuropsychology of these tasks, and suggest that Category Fluency's stronger association to the most typical CBF deficits of AD account for its greater sensitivity to this disease [24].
  • The neuropsychology of REM sleep dreaming [25].
  • This article provides an introduction to the Special Section on Long-Term Spatial Memory in the journal Neuropsychology. It defines long-term spatial memory, explores how it has been considered historically, and provides brief descriptions of the principle cognitive mechanisms, with a guide to the terminology used in this field [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Neuropsychology


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