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Biological properties of ME2303 (FAD-104), a new anthracycline.

ME2303 (FAD-104) is a new anthracycline antibiotic whose structure is characterized by the presence of a 2'-fluoro atom and the lack of a 3'-amino group in the sugar moiety. Its cytocidal activity is superior to or equal to that of adriamycin (ADM). The LD50 value of ME2303 was about 140 mg/kg i.v. in mice and this value was about 7-fold higher than that of ADM. ME2303 was administered intravenously to Golden strain hamsters at doses of 25, 50, 75 and 150 mg/kg and the ECG was examined. From ECG changes, it seems that ME2303 did not show any effect on the heart in acute toxicity. Mutagenicity was recognized as with ADM in the back-mutation test.[1]


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