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Chemical Compound Review

FAD-104     7-[2-[(2R,4S)-4- [(2S,3R,4R,5S,6S)-3-fluoro...

Synonyms: AC1L3GZW, LS-74323, ME2303, ME 2303, 116521-53-0
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Disease relevance of ME2303


High impact information on ME2303


Chemical compound and disease context of ME2303


Biological context of ME2303

  • The LD50 value of ME2303 was about 140 mg/kg i.v. in mice and this value was about 7-fold higher than that of ADM [6].
  • The mean plasma concentrations of M2 were detected up to 8 and 4 h after i.v. administration of DA-125 and ME2303, respectively, to mice and were significantly higher for DA-125 than ME2303, resulting in a considerably greater AUC of M2 (148 against 27.1 micrograms min mL(-1)) after i.v. administration of DA-125 [7].

Anatomical context of ME2303


Associations of ME2303 with other chemical compounds

  • The mean plasma concentrations of M4 were detected up to 8 h after i.v. administration of both DA-125 and ME2303 to mice, and were higher after i.v. administration of DA-125 than ME2303, resulting in a considerably greater AUC of M4 (197 against 61.9 micrograms min mL(-1)) after i.v. administration of DA-125 [7].

Gene context of ME2303

  • These results suggest that OP, ME2303 and CPT-11 could be active in patients with, NSCLC clinically resistant to CDDP [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ME2303


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