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Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion during pregnancy.

The development of battery-powered pumps for continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion added new dimensions to control of diabetes during pregnancy. In this report, we describe our experiences with 28 pregnant diabetic women offered participation in an insulin pump program. Fifteen (54%) accepted pump therapy and ten continued usage during their pregnancies. Excluding abortions, eight women continuing pump use are compared to 11 others who declined such therapy and were treated with conventional methods. Although these two groups are small and not strictly comparable, the experiences now reported provide clinical insights into the application of this new technology during pregnancy. Women who successfully used insulin pumps were typically from the private sector and in better glucose control at study entry. The degree of control during pregnancy in women using pumps was not significantly different compared to conventional glucose control methods (mean glucose 120 mg/dl and 142 mg/dl, respectively). Similarly, several indices of pregnancy outcome including length of hospitalization, costs, and perinatal morbidity associated with diabetes were analyzed and no significant differences were observed. We conclude that insulin pumps are not acceptable to all pregnant diabetic women and that such therapy may not necessarily improve pregnancy outcome.[1]


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