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Expression of ETS proto-oncogenes in astrocytes in human cortex.

In order to investigate a possible function of ETS proto-oncogenes in human brain, we incubated a polyclonal antibody raised against the viral region of E26 homologous to ETS1 and ETS2 with human brain frontal cortex sections. Our results show that this antibody decorates astrocytes but not neurons. By using astrocytomas of different grades as a source of astrocytes, we demonstrate the presence of ETS1 and ETS2 messenger RNAs and proteins. This leads to the idea that ETS genes are expressed in cells with dividing potentialities in human cortex and that they could provide a new marker for glial cells. Recently, a microduplication on chromosome 21 including ETS2 locus was described in karyotypically 'normal' Down's syndrome and suspected in Alzheimer's disease; when testing Alzheimer's disease-affected brain cortex sections, no obvious difference was observed with the technique used.[1]


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