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A study on intrauterine fetal resuscitation with terbutaline.

A randomized study on the effect of terbutaline on fetal distress was carried out in 20 patients who showed evidence of ominous fetal heart rate patterns and fetal scalp blood pH values of less than 7.25. Of those, 11 received terbutaline (study group) and nine did not (control group). There was a significant improvement in the acid-base status of the fetus in the study group compared with those in the control group (p less than 0.01). No significant maternal or fetal morbidity occurred in the study group. Apgar scores at 1 minute were 7 or greater in 10 of the 11 study subjects whereas only four of the nine control subjects had a score of 7 or greater. These results suggest that terbutaline may become a useful agent in the treatment of intrauterine fetal distress.[1]


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