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Retinol-binding protein synthesis and secretion by the rat visceral yolk sac. Effect of retinol status.

Studies were conducted to explore in rats the role of retinol in the regulation of the synthesis and secretion of retinol-binding protein ( RBP) by the visceral yolk sac compared to the liver. Previous studies have shown that in retinol deficiency, hepatic RBP secretion is specifically inhibited, whereas hepatic RBP synthesis rate is unchanged. Retinol-depleted, retinoic acid-supplemented female rats were mated, and maternal liver, fetal liver, and visceral yolk sac were obtained at 14 days of gestation (retinol-depleted group). A group of identically treated, retinol-depleted rats were repleted with retinol on the 14th day of gestation, and the same tissues were collected 6 h later (retinol-repleted group). Normal female rats were used as controls. RBP was assayed by radioimmunoassay and RBP mRNA levels by RNase protection assay using a rat RBP cDNA clone. RBP levels in the visceral yolk sac were elevated 10-fold in the retinol-depleted as compared to the control rats and had declined to near normal values in the retinol-repleted animals. The relative levels of RBP mRNA in the visceral yolk sac were very similar in all three groups of rats. Thus, as in the liver, in the visceral yolk sac retinol deficiency inhibits RBP secretion without altering RBP mRNA levels. In the visceral yolk sac, as in the liver, retinol status appears to regulate RBP secretion specifically, without affecting the rate of RBP biosynthesis.[1]


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