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Comparative efficacy of triclabendazole, nitroxynil and rafoxanide against immature and mature Fasciola hepatica in naturally infected cattle.

In two trials the fasciolicidal activities of triclabendazole, nitroxynil and rafoxanide were assessed in cattle naturally infected with predominantly immature stages of Fasciola hepatica. Tablets containing 900 mg triclabendazole were administered orally at a dose rate of 12 mg/kg bodyweight. Rafoxanide and nitroxynil were used at a dose rate of 10 mg/kg, rafoxanide being given orally and nitroxynil by subcutaneous injection. Based on faecal egg counts nine weeks after treatment the efficacies were calculated to be 100 per cent for triclabendazole and 95.0 per cent for nitroxynil in the first trial and 98.4 per cent for triclabendazole and 52.9 per cent for rafoxanide 15 weeks after treatment in the second trial. In the first trial five animals from each of the three groups were slaughtered and their fluke burdens counted. Compared with the untreated control group the reductions in the fluke burdens were 96.9 per cent in triclabendazole treated cattle and 76.4 per cent in the nitroxynil treated group.[1]


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