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Diabetic state-induced modification of resting membrane potential and conductance in diaphragm muscle of alloxan and diabetic KK-CAy mice.

The electrical properties of skeletal muscle membranes were investigated in genetically diabetic KK-CAy mice and alloxan-induced diabetic ddY mice. Using isolated phrenic nerve-diaphragm muscle or sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle in situ preparations, nerve-stimulated twitch tensions (the maximal value) were obtained at lower voltage pulse in diabetic KK-CAy mice than in normal ddY mice. The diabetic state reduced resting membrane potentials (1.7-4.0 mV) and resting membrane conductance (0.37-0.44 mu siemen), decreased the amplitude (3.8-3.9 mV) and overshoot (4.5 mV) of directly induced-action potential, and prolonged action potential duration. In the diabetic state, resting membrane conductance was multiply-correlated with blood glucose level and resting membrane potential. In alloxan-induced diabetic mice, resting membrane potentials were significantly multiply-correlated with the weeks elapsed after alloxan injection and blood glucose level (p less than 0.01). Since the reduction of resting membrane potential correlated with the weeks, changes in resting membrane potential may be involved in the decrease in insulin-like growth factor action. The reduction of resting membrane conductance was correlated with the increase in blood glucose.[1]


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