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The effect of terpenoid compounds on cytochrome P-450 levels in rat liver.

We have investigated the ability of camphor, menthol, pinene, limonene and myrcene to induce in rats members of a cytochrome P-450 sub-family termed PB P-450. These proteins have recently been designated as members of the P450IIB sub-family. None of these naturally occurring terpenoids significantly changed the total content of cytochromes P-450 or cytochrome b5. Radioimmunoassay results showed that PB P-450 was induced 6-fold by camphor and to a lesser extent by menthol and pinene. The induction was confirmed by Western blotting. It was shown by nucleic acid hybridization that induction of PB P-450 by terpenoids was mediated by an increase in the amount of the corresponding mRNA. Analysis of the denaturation of mRNA-cDNA hybrids demonstrated that the mRNA induced by the terpenoids was encoded by a member of the P450IIB sub-family. None of the terpenoids had an effect on the amount of mRNA coding for P450IA2 (a cytochrome P-450 inducible by beta-naphthoflavone and isosafrole). The results indicate that cytochromes P-450 induced by a synthetic compound, phenobarbital, may have originally evolved in response to terpenoid compounds normally present in the environment.[1]


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