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Effect of dexamethasone on kininogen production by a rat hepatoma cell line.

T Kininogen and High Molecular Weight Kininogen were characterized in the cell culture medium of Fao cells, a highly differentiated cell line derived from the Reuber H35 rat hepatoma. Immunoreactive T Kininogen and High Molecular Weight Kininogen identified by direct and specific RIAs were indistinguishable from standard kininogens. Immunoreactive T Kininogen was further identified by HPLC analysis of T kinin released after trypsin hydrolysis of the cell culture medium. The basal release rate of T kininogen was ten-fold higher than that of High Molecular Weight Kininogen. T Kininogen was not stored within the cells contrary to High Molecular Weight Kininogen. The production of the two kininogens in the cell medium was stimulated by dexamethasone up to five times in a dose-dependent manner. The specific antiglucocorticoid compound RU 38486 did not alter the basal rate of kininogen release by Fao cells, but abolished the stimulation by dexamethasone, indicating that dexamethasone exerts a true glucocorticoid type effect.[1]


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