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Treatment of Bell palsy with prednisone: a prospective, randomized study.

Two hundred thirty-nine patients with Bell palsy were randomly distributed into prednisone-treated and control groups. Patients were followed until complete recovery or for 1 year. In the steroid-treated and control groups, respectively, incomplete recovery of facial strength occurred in 12 percent and 20 percent; motor synkinesis in 9 percent and 15 percent; autonomic synkinesis in 1 percent and 10 percent; and electromyographic evidence of severe denervation in 9 percent and 17 percent. The differences reached statistical significance only for autonomic synkinesis. In the total series recovery of facial strength was incomplete in 16 percent. Residual weakness was mild in 14 percent and moderate in 2 percent. No patient remained with severe weakness. Age, hyperacusis, and severity of the initial palsy were associated with an increased risk of poor outcome.[1]


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