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Disease relevance of Hyperacusis


Psychiatry related information on Hyperacusis

  • A sister and brother, now aged 7 and 9 years, presented with developmental arrest, gait disturbance, dementia, and a progressive myoclonic epilepsy syndrome with hyperacusis in the second year of life [5].
  • OBJECTIVE: This study examined relationships among sound level, subjective loudness, and reaction time in listeners with longstanding sensorineural hearing loss and loudness recruitment [6].

High impact information on Hyperacusis


Chemical compound and disease context of Hyperacusis


Gene context of Hyperacusis

  • In particular, it is shown quantitatively that a compressed distribution of thresholds due to threshold elevation may be responsible for loudness recruitment in sensorineural hearing loss [15].
  • Additional mechanisms that may mediate hyperacusis in WS and should be evaluated in future studies include recruitment, malformation of the facial canal, and haploinsufficiency of the elastin gene [4].


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