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Assignment of the human fast skeletal muscle myosin alkali light chains gene (MLC1F/MLC3F) to 2q 32.1-2qter.

A DNA probe derived from a mouse intronless pseudogene including coding regions for the myosin fast skeletal muscle alkali light chains, MLC1F/MLC3F (suggested HGM symbol, MYL1), was tested on a panel of 25 independent man-rodent somatic cell hybrids in order to assign the human MLC1F/MLC3F gene to a human chromosome. A 3.7-kb TaqI human fragment was found to correlate with the presence of chromosome 2 in the hybrids, characterized both by cytogenetic analysis and reference enzyme markers. A regional assignment to 2q32.1-qter was possible using hybrids whose human parental strains bore a reciprocal translocation t(X;2) (p22;q32.1). The fact that IDH1 and the MLC1F/MLC3F gene are closely linked on chromosome 1 in the mouse and map to the same region of human chromosome 2 in man indicates, that these chromosomes have a conserved region of homology between them and that the human 3.7-kb TaqI fragment corresponds indeed to a functional gene.[1]


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