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Imidocarb and parvaquone in the treatment of piroplasmosis (Babesia equi) in equids.

The therapeutic efficacies of imidocarb and parvaquone were tested against Babesia equi of European origin in carrier horses and for induced acute infections in splenectomized ponies. Imidocarb, at a dosage of 4 mg/kg of body weight, given IM at 72-hour intervals 4 times, was ineffective in eliminating B equi-carrier infection in 9 mature geldings. A single IM administration of 4 mg/kg was not therapeutic in acutely infected splenectomized ponies. When given at 3 different dosages and treatment schedules, parvaquone was ineffective in clearing carrier infection. Parvaquone given IM once at a dosage of 20 mg/kg was effective for acute B equi infections in splenectomized ponies; parasitemia began to decrease within 24 hours after treatment. Infections were not eliminated however, and within 4 weeks, secondary parasitemia and anemia developed. Of 4 ponies, 3 died of acute piroplasmosis.[1]


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