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DNA cleavage of lambda and phi 80 transducing phages carrying the argA, argECBH, argF and argI operons of Escherichia coli K-12 with the restriction endonucleases EcoRI, SmaI and HindIII.

DNA isolated from each of the seven arginine transducing phages lambdaargA2cI857susS7, phi80ppc argECBH, phi80argF, phi80argF ilambdacI857, lambdaargF2, lambdaargF23 and lambdaargI valScI857susS7 has been specifically cleaved by the restriction endonucleases EcoRI, SmaI and HindIII. The DNA fragments resulting from single, and in some cases, double endonuclease digests were separated by electrophoresis in agarose and also in polyacrylamide gel. The electrophoretic patterns thus obtained were compared with those produced by digestion of DNA isolated from the corresponding lambda and phi80 parental phages. The majority of cleavage sites produced by the action of these restriction enzymes on arginine transducing DNA have been physically mapped.[1]


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