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Isolation and characterization of chicken liver and hepatoma Mc-29 endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus membranes and biosynthesis of their glycoconjugates.

Rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membranes and trans-Golgi apparatus ( GA) fraction, intermediate GA fraction, and cis- GA fraction from White Leghorn chicken liver and hepatoma Mc-29 were isolated. Their purity was checked by electron microscopy and by determination of the activity of the marker enzymes. Rough and smooth membranes were also identified by calculation of the ratio between the content of RNA and the total phospholipids. It was found that the membrane fractions were pure enough. The tumor exhibited a decreased amount of ER and a small GA when compared when the ER and GA in the liver. The biogenesis of membrane glycoconjugates was followed by in vivo experiments either with [14C]glucosamine or by double labeling with [14C]N-acetylmannosamine and [3H]leucine. The radioisotope studies indicated that the synthesis rate of protein in liver and hepatoma rough ER was nearly the same, but in the tumor cells the glycosylation of the nascent polypeptide chain and the formation of glycolipids were significantly decreased.[1]


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