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Primary and secondary structure of bovine retinal S antigen (48-kDa protein).

The complete amino acid sequence of bovine S antigen (48-kDa protein) has been determined by cDNA and partial amino acid sequencing. A 1623-base-pair (bp) cDNA contains an open reading frame coding for a protein of 404 amino acids (45,275 Da). Tryptic peptides and cyanogen bromide peptides of native bovine S antigen were purified and partially sequenced. All of these peptides were accounted for in the long open reading frame. Searching of the National Biomedical Research Foundation data bank revealed no extensive sequence homology between S antigen and other proteins. However, there are local regions of sequence similarity with alpha transducin, including the sites subject to ADP-ribosylation by Bordetella pertussis and cholera toxins and the phosphoryl binding-sites. Secondary structure prediction and circular dichroic spectroscopy show that S antigen is composed predominantly of beta-sheet conformation. Acid-catalyzed methanolysis suggests the presence of low levels of carbohydrate in the molecule.[1]


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