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Characterization of serine proteinases isolated from rat submaxillary gland: with special reference to the degradation of rat kininogens by these enzymes.

From the homogenate of rat submaxillary gland, two kinds of serine proteinases, named tentatively proteinases A and B, were isolated and their chemical properties and activities toward rat kininogens were examined, in comparison with those of submaxillary kallikrein. Proteinase A with Mr of 28,200 rapidly cleaved high-molecular-weight (HMW) kininogen into a protein of 67 kDa, which retained thiol-proteinase inhibitory activity, but had lost the correcting activity of HMW kininogen on the prolonged clotting time of Fitzgerald trait plasma. It liberated bradykinin from HMW kininogen but did not liberate kinin from T-kininogen and did not degrade T-kininogen. On the other hand, proteinase B with Mr of 30,400 showed a very weak activity for the liberation of kinin from T-kininogen and the cleavage of T-kininogen at pH 8. 0. However, the enzyme extensively degraded T-kininogen at pH 4. 5. Proteinase B also degraded HMW kininogen at pH 4.5 and pH 8.0, but liberated bradykinin only at pH 8. 0. Thiol-proteinase inhibitory activities of HMW kininogen and T-kininogen were inactivated after the incubation with proteinase B at pH 4.5 but not at pH 8.0, while the correcting activity of HMW kininogen on the Fitzgerald trait plasma was inactivated at pH 4.5 and 8. 0. The NH2-terminal amino acid sequences of proteinases A and B were different from each other, and distinguishable with those of serine proteinases in rat submaxillary gland so far reported. These results provide evidence that in addition to the known kallikrein, there exist at least two kinds of serine proteinases in rat submaxillary gland, both of which liberate bradykinin from rat HMW kininogen at pH 8.0 and modulate the functional activities of HMW kininogen and T-kininogen, degrading these proteins at pH 8.0 or 4.5.[1]


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