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Detailed analysis of the mouse H-2Kb promoter: enhancer-like sequences and their role in the regulation of class I gene expression.

Sequencing and deletion analyses of the H-2Kb promoter have suggested that several regions may be important for expression and regulation of this gene. Two of these regions are conserved inside the promoter of several genes coding for classical transplantation antigens, but not in the promoter of class I genes located in the Qa region. They display enhancer-like activity in cells that express H-2 genes, but show some tissue specificity in that they function very poorly in undifferentiated embryonal carcinoma cells in which H-2 genes are not expressed. They also have been shown not to be the target of the adenovirus-12 induced repression of class I gene expression recently demonstrated by Schrier et al. The promoter of the beta 2-microglobulin gene also contains a sequence with enhancer-like activity, but shares no homology with the H-2Kb promoter region.[1]


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