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Hormonal triggering of the diurnal variation of sterol carrier protein.

Rat liver sterol carrier protein ( SCP) is a major intracellular protein regulating lipid metabolism and transport. During a dark-light cycle, SCP undergoes a dramatic diurnal variation in synthesis and level, reflecting translational events. Several hormones participate in the control of SCP synthesis. Insulin was implicated when the circadian rhythm of SCP was lost in both diabetes and fasting, states where insulin is low. After a 12-h fast the amplitude of the diurnal rhythm is diminished; after a 48-h fast it disappears, although SCP synthesis and level remain high. When endogenous insulin secretion is increased in fasted rats by glucose administration, SCP increases 2-fold in less than 30 min. When food intake is manipulated, but the dark-light cycle is unchanged, the circadian rhythm of SCP corresponds to feeding patterns and not light cycling. During feeding, increases in SCP are triggered following the expected increase in serum insulin. However, SCP is rapidly and significantly elevated in response to insulin only when glucocorticoids are normally high or increased by injection of the synthetic glucocorticoid, dexamethasone. Hepatocyte SCP levels are also induced by a combination of insulin and dexamethasone (2.3-fold) or insulin alone (1.3-fold). Dexamethasone alone causes a striking depression of SCP (2.4-fold). Thus, insulin is a major regulator of the diurnal variation of SCP synthesis. Glucocorticoids and other hormones (e.g. triiodothyronine) are also essential for maximum induction of SCP but play permissive roles.[1]


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