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Malaria in Kampuchea: clinical course of falciparum malaria in Chemin de Fer Hospital, Phnom Penh.

To receive actual information about the clinical course of falciparum malaria case history of 373 patients hospitalized in Chemin de Fer Hospital in Phnom Penh from May 1 till October 1, 1985 were evaluated. No patients were infected in Phnom Penh. We estimated that only 8.3% of patients had higher parasitaemia than 100,000 or more asexual parasites in microliter of peripheral blood which is considered as a heavy infection. Complicated malaria was found in 39 patients (10.4%). The most frequent complications were cerebral complications (80.0%), renal failure (23.3%), and liver failure (16.6%). Ten patients had multiple organ complications and they represented 25.6% of patients with complications. The 100% mortality was observed in those in coma stage III; with haemoglobinuria, epistaxis and melena. Only coma stage III as a single symptom caused the death. In other cases death resulted from multiple organ complications.[1]


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