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Influence of administration of ovarian steroids on the function of neutrophils isolated from the blood and uterus of ovariectomized mares.

The function of blood and uterine luminal neutrophils from ovariectomized mares treated with ovarian steroids was investigated 18 h after intrauterine infusion of 1 X 10(9) Streptococcus zooepidemicus. Random migration of blood neutrophils under agarose was reduced by treatment with progesterone compared with that of neutrophils from oestradiol-treated and control mares. In-vitro addition of progesterone to blood neutrophils from acyclic ponies also reduced migration. Uterine neutrophils did not migrate under agarose which was probably an effect of bacterial phagocytosis. Hormone treatment had little effect on phagocytosis of yeast blastospores by blood neutrophils. Phagocytosis by uterine neutrophils from oestradiol-treated and control mares was significantly better than that by blood neutrophils. In progesterone-treated mares, however, phagocytosis by uterine neutrophils was significantly lower than that in the other two treatment groups and was similar to that measured in blood neutrophils. The results indicate a marked effect of progesterone in reducing both migration of blood neutrophils and phagocytosis by uterine neutrophils.[1]


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