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Molecular gene mapping of human aldolase A (ALDOA) gene to chromosome 16.

Mapping of human aldolase A (ALDOA) gene was performed by molecular hybridization techniques using a panel of human-mouse cell hybrids and sorted fractions of human metaphase chromosomes besides in situ hybridization. For the purpose, three kinds of DNA probes derived from the coding region (probe-1), the 3' noncoding region (probe-2), and the coding and 3' noncoding regions (probe-3) of human aldolase A cDNA clone, pHAAL116-3, were selectively employed. The results of RNA and DNA blot analyses indicated that the human ALDOA gene is located on chromosome 16. The in situ hybridization experiment also indicated that the ALDOA gene was localized to 16q22-q24.[1]


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