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Chromosome Mapping

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Disease relevance of Chromosome Mapping


Psychiatry related information on Chromosome Mapping

  • Further, it supports the hypothesis that MDD and anxiety disorders have over-lapping genetic etiologies and suggests that comorbid diagnoses may be useful in defining more genetically homogeneous forms of MDD for linkage mapping [6].

High impact information on Chromosome Mapping

  • Using genome-wide linkage mapping and a positional candidate approach, we determined that mutations in SMARCAL1 (SWI/SNF2-related, matrix-associated, actin-dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a-like 1), are responsible for SIOD [7].
  • Using genome-wide linkage mapping and a positional candidate approach in a Saudi Arabian family affected with autosomal recessive SCAN1, we identified a homozygous mutation in TDP1 (A1478G) that results in the substitution of histidine 493 with an arginine residue [8].
  • The findings are relevant to the basic mechanisms of epilepsy and to theories of genetic recombination and gene mapping [9].
  • We have identified endoglin as the HHT gene mapping to 9q3 and have established HHT as the first human disease defined by a mutation in a member of the TGF-beta receptor complex [10].
  • Gene mapping within the T/t complex of the mouse. IV: The inverted MHC is intermingled with several t-lethal genes [11].

Biological context of Chromosome Mapping


Anatomical context of Chromosome Mapping


Associations of Chromosome Mapping with chemical compounds

  • The extended arm between biotin and RNA gives efficient electron microscopic gene mapping of DNA:RNA-biotin hybrids with avidin-ferritin and avidin-polymethacylate sphere labels and efficient gene enrichment by buoyant banding of DNA:RNA-biotin:avidin-spheres in CsCl [22].
  • While the findings with ALLOP emphasize the therapeutic potential of neurosteroid treatment during EtOH withdrawal, the gene mapping studies suggest that pregnane neurosteroid biosynthesis may represent a target for therapeutic intervention in the treatment of alcohol dependence [23].
  • FLT4 receptor tyrosine kinase gene mapping to chromosome band 5q35 in relation to the t(2;5), t(5;6), and t(3;5) translocations [24].
  • Genomic organization of adrenergic and serotonin receptors in the mouse: linkage mapping of sequence-related genes provides a method for examining mammalian chromosome evolution [25].
  • Adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase genes in wheat: differential expression and gene mapping [26].

Gene context of Chromosome Mapping


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chromosome Mapping


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