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Effects of feeding or infusing ammonium salts of volatile fatty acids on ruminal fermentation, plasma characteristics, and milk production of cows.

Eight rumen-fistulated Holstein cows, averaging 77 d postpartum, were used in a replicated 4 X 4 Latin square design with 28-d periods to investigate the effect of ammonium salts of isobutyrate, 2-methylbutyrate, isovalerate, and n-valerate on animal performance and their possible mechanism(s) and site(s) of action. Each cow was fed ad libitum a complete mixed diet of 55% corn silage and 45% concentrate on a dry basis that was supplemented with 1.8 kg of premix daily. Treatments were 1) control, 2) ammonium salts of volatile fatty acids in premix, 3) ammonium salts of volatile fatty acids ruminally infused, or 4) ammonium salts of volatile fatty acids abomasally infused. Mean ruminal fluid pH and concentrations of ammonia and volatile fatty acids for treatment comparisons were not different. Plasma concentrations of isobutyrate, 2-methylbutyrate, and valerate differed among treatments, but there was no significant effect on dry matter intake, milk production, milk composition, or efficiency of feed utilization. Apparent nutrient digestibility; disappearance of dry matter, cellulose, and nitrogen from polyester bags suspended in the rumen; and plasma concentrations of glucose, free fatty acids, and growth hormone also were not significantly affected by treatment.[1]


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