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Chemical Compound Review

Valerate     pentanoic acid

Synonyms: pentoate, Pentanoate, Valerianate, Valeriansaure, Valeriansaeure, ...
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Disease relevance of valeric acid


Psychiatry related information on valeric acid


High impact information on valeric acid

  • Injections of 17beta-estradiol valerate (0.1 mg/wk) from day 1 or of DBcAMP from day 22 resulted in insignificant changes in growth--28% and 35% increases in tumor volume and a 5% decrease and an 18% increase, respectively, in drained wet weight [7].
  • This hypothesis is tested here in mouse brain by replacing the phenyl valerate substrate of the standard NTE assay with lysolecithin for an "NTE-LysoPLA" assay with four important findings [8].
  • Hormone binding to tumors was decreased by treatment with prolactin (0.5 or 1 mg/day) or estradiol valerate (7.5 mg/kg/week) [9].
  • GPR41 is related to GPR43 (52% similarity; 43% identity) and was activated by similar ligands but with differing specificity for carbon chain length, with pentanoate being the most potent agonist [10].
  • NTE has homologues in Drosophila and yeast and is detected in vitro by assays with a non-physiological ester substrate, phenyl valerate [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of valeric acid


Biological context of valeric acid

  • The active site regions of NEST and calcium-independent phospholipase A(2) (iPLA(2)) share sequence similarity, and the phenyl valerate hydrolase activity of NEST is inhibited by low concentrations of iPLA(2) inhibitors [11].
  • The kinase has a broad substrate specificity and exhibits its highest relative activities with butyrate and valerate [16].
  • Two currently used steroids (clobetasone butyrate and betamethasone valerate) reproducibly cause vasoconstriction on topical application to human forearm skin [17].
  • The effects of E2 on levels of plasma cP-selectin were evaluated during the menstrual cycle in healthy women (n = 18) and by measuring the effect of a single im injection of 10 mg E2 valerate (n = 9) or placebo (n = 10) on cP-selectin levels in healthy male volunteers [18].
  • Four hundred and twenty early postmenopausal women (<5 yr since menopause; mean age, 52 yr) were enrolled in a 3-month, double blind, placebo-controlled study of four doses of intranasal E2 (100, 200, 300, and 400 microg/day), two doses of oral E2 valerate (1 or 2 mg/day), and placebo [19].

Anatomical context of valeric acid


Associations of valeric acid with other chemical compounds


Gene context of valeric acid


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of valeric acid


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