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Salicylate toxicity in elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Using the American Rheumatism Association Medical Information System, we studied the effect of age upon salicylate toxicity in elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Data were gathered from 545 patients by self-reported questionnaires for the 6 months and also the 7 days before the visit of interest. With one week data and weight adjusted doses in 253 patients in whom data were available, age related differences in lower gastrointestinal symptoms (p = 0.05) and tinnitus (p = 0.01) were found, despite the fact that elderly patients (E) took less salicylate than younger ones (y)--E [39.1 +/- 2.4 (SD) mg/kg/day] vs Y [49.8 +/- 3.89 mg/kg/day] (p = 0.02). Our data indicate a difference in salicylate dynamics among the elderly (i.e., increased toxicity in the face of decreased salicylate doses).[1]


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