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Tyrosine sulfation site is located in the C-terminal fibrin-binding domain in secreted fibronectin from rat embryo fibroblasts, line 3Y1.

Tryptic fragments of [35S]sulfate-labeled 3Y1 secreted fibronectin were fractionated by hydroxylapatite column chromatography and examined using sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis, followed by autoradiography. Radioactive bands containing tyrosine-O-[35S]sulfate were detected at 17- and 40-kDa positions under reducing conditions. Under nonreducing conditions, the 17-kDa band was no longer present and new bands at 57- and 80-kDa positions appeared, indicating a disulfide linkage between the two smaller fragments in the native state. These fragments exhibited binding affinity toward fibrin and could be immunoprecipitated by the monoclonal antifibronectin Fib-2 domain antibody. These results suggested that the tyrosine sulfation site in 3Y1 secreted fibronectin is located in the C-terminal fibrin- binding (Fib-2) domain, being within 17 kDa of the C-terminus.[1]


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