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Protection by histamine receptor antagonists and prostaglandin against gastric mucosal barrier disruption in the rat.

This study was undertaken to determine if the cytoprotective effect of prostaglandin and the H2 histamine receptor antagonist cimetidine involves protection against disruption of the gastric mucosal barrier. Groups of anesthetized, vagotomized rats received one of the following parenterally: saline (control), mepyramine--an H1 histamine receptor antagonist, cimetidine, cimetidine and mepyramine, or 16,16 dimethyl prostaglandin E2. Parameters of barrier disruption were then determined before and after exposure of the gastric mucosa to 40mM acetylsalicylic acid. At the end of the study, gastric lesions were scored according to size and number. Lesion score and fall in potential difference were significantly lower in rats receiving cimetidine, cimetidine and mepyramine, and prostaglandin. Other parameters of barrier disruption--H+ back diffusion, Na+ and K+ influx, and protein outpouring--exhibited the same pattern and correlated with change in potential difference. We conclude that both prostaglandin and cimetidine, but not mepyramine, protect against barrier disruption by topical aspirin, and this may be a factor in the mechanism of their cytoprotective action.[1]


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