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Dental pulp exposed to the CO2 laser beam.

Traumatic inflammation due to application of CO2 laser beam on teeth (dentin and pulp) of Beagle dogs and Macaca Monkeys, stimulate in dentino-pulpal tissue morphological phenomena studied after 5 days, 1, and 3 months by microscopy and microradiography. After a dentin exposure to a density of energy from 2 X 10(3) J/cm2, the first cell layers of the pulp tissue show a rarefaction and a cellular degeneration, followed by a neoformation of calcified dentin, of about 300 microns thick in 3 months, due to the excitation of odontoblasts or produced by pulpal cells functioning before. A density of energy of 10(3) J/cm2 order applied to the pulp beads to its partial necrosis, to various inflammatory aspects and to a quasi-constant regeneration by a neo-dentin bridge of 200 microns at 1 month. The analysis of cell activity seems able to be investigated from this method.[1]


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