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Cell-free biosynthesis of arphamenine A.

Arphamenine A was synthesized in a cell-free system obtained from the arphamenine-producing strain, Chromobacterium violaceum BMG361-CF4. L-[14C]-phenylalanine was converted to beta-phenylpyruvic acid by phenylalanine amino-transferase obtained from the 10,000 x g supernatant ( S10 fraction). [14C]-Benzylmalic acid was synthesized from beta-phenylpyruvic acid with [14C]-acetyl-CoA in the S10 fraction. [14C]-Benzylsuccinic acid was formed from beta-phenylpyruvic acid with [14C]-acetyl-CoA and ATP in this fraction, as was [14C]-arphamenine A from benzylsuccinic acid and L-[14C]-arginine. Thus, the pathway of arphamenine A biosynthesis was confirmed by the cell-free biosynthesis of this antibiotic.[1]


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