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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL151284     2-benzylbutanedioic acid

Synonyms: SureCN393002, CBMicro_015697, AG-C-24972, AG-J-14668, AG-L-65307, ...
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Gene context of Benzylsuccinic acid

  • The bssCAB genes are part of a larger putative operon ( bssDCABEFGH), which contains the gene bssD, encoding the activase for benzylsuccinate synthase, and four genes ( bssEFGH) encoding proteins of unknown function [13].
  • Benzylsuccinate synthase, encoded by the tutF, tutD, and tutG genes of Thauera aromatica strain T1, is responsible for the first step of anaerobic toluene metabolism [14].


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