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Clinical results of titanium retinal tacks with pneumatic insertion.

We used titanium retinal tacks inserted with a pneumatic instrument for retinal fixation in 11 operative procedures in ten eyes with complicated retinal detachments. Titanium was selected for permanent implantation because of its documented biologic tolerance. No intraoperative or postoperative complications related to the tacks were encountered. Three tacks, one 0.7 mm in length and two 1.6 mm in length, became dislodged postoperatively; 50 permanently implanted tacks, each 1.6 mm in length, remained in place after a mean follow-up of five months. Retinal reattachment at the end of the follow-up period was achieved in eight eyes and useful visual function was obtained in three eyes. Titanium retinal tacks are useful when immediate retinal fixation is required either temporarily or permanently to prevent retraction and detachment of the retina until adjunctive diathermy, cryopexy, or photocoagulation becomes effective.[1]


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