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Light Coagulation

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Disease relevance of Light Coagulation


High impact information on Light Coagulation

  • Concentrations of VEGF in vitreous fluid (8.8 +/- 9.9 ng per milliliter) were higher than those in aqueous fluid (5.6 +/- 8.6 ng per milliliter, P = 0.033) in all 10 pairs of samples obtained simultaneously from the same patient; VEGF concentrations in vitreous fluid declined after successful laser photocoagulation [6].
  • Epicardial laser photocoagulation was applied to the O point observed during isoproterenol infusion and stepwise to remapped new O points until a 30 +/- 5% decrease in heart rate occurred [7].
  • We report here that deficient PAI-1 expression in mice prevented the development of subretinal choroidal angiogenesis induced by laser photocoagulation [8].
  • Levels of PEDF were replenished in PDR patients with previous retinal scatter photocoagulation compared with PDR patients without previous photocoagulation (P = 0.01) [9].
  • One week after krypton laser photocoagulation in C57BL/6J mice, 34 of 60 burns (57%) showed fluorescein leakage and 13 of 16 (81%) showed histopathological evidence of CNV [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Light Coagulation


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Anatomical context of Light Coagulation


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Gene context of Light Coagulation


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Light Coagulation


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