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Disease relevance of Diathermy


High impact information on Diathermy


Biological context of Diathermy


Anatomical context of Diathermy

  • The procedure involves the use of cutting loop diathermy to resect the endometrium while the uterine cavity is irrigated with 1.5% glycine which can absorb consequent fluid and electrolyte shifts [13].
  • Vascular damage is described in the myometrium adjacent to areas of previous tubal diathermy for sterilisation [14].

Associations of Diathermy with chemical compounds

  • Treatment by parenteral administration of broad-spectrum antibotics and diathermy excision has produced satisfactory results [15].
  • Influence of oral mannitol bowel preparation on colonic microflora and the risk of explosion during endoscopic diathermy [16].
  • Epodyl is used best as an adjunct to transurethral resection or diathermy of T1 bladder lesions [17].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This economic evaluation shows that treating women with clomiphene-resistant polycystic ovarian syndrome with laparoscopic ovarian diathermy results in a significant reduction in both direct and indirect costs [18].
  • A comparative evaluation of the biochemical damage observed after tissue injury by high-power CO2 laser, scalpel, and electrical diathermy has been made in rabbits [19].

Gene context of Diathermy

  • Their performance was measured in terms of time, errors and economy of movement, as well as the duration and accuracy of diathermy in Task 3 [20].
  • Of these women, 15 had previously undergone laparoscopic ovarian diathermy before IVF (group A, total 22 cycles) and 16 had not had surgical treatment (group B, total 24 cycles) [21].
  • As a neurosurgeon, Foerster was able to excise intraventricular, hypophyseal, and quadrigeminal lesions and to perform epilepsy surgery under primitive conditions without clips, diathermy, or suction [22].
  • The experimental results have shown that the initial MBF response is characterized by a "critical temperature" behavior such that rapid increases in MBF occur for tissues above approximately 42C when diathermy power is sufficient [23].
  • The delivery system (GIP MedicinTechnik GmbH/Medi-Globe Corporation) consists of a handle part with a piston, a metal ring sheath, a plastic catheter with a diathermy needle and a double pigtail endoprosthesis (8.5 Fr) [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diathermy


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