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CSF brain creatine kinase levels and lactic acidosis in severe head injury.

The posttraumatic creatine kinase-BB isoenzyme (CKBB) activity and lactate concentration in ventricular cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) have been studied in 29 patients with severe head injuries. The CKBB activity reaches its maximum a few hours after trauma, and has a monoexponential drop with a half-time of approximately 10 hours. Ventricular CSF lactate concentration continues to rise in patients with a poor outcome, and decreases only slowly and inconsistently in most of the other patients. Thus, increase of lactate in the ventricular CSF is not, like CKBB, a direct one-stage consequence of the trauma but is due to continuous production from a derangement of metabolism caused by the trauma. Since even higher ventricular CSF lactate levels can be survived when not caused by head injury, and since no significant pH changes were related to the ventricular CSF lactic acidosis in these artificially ventilated patients, it is concluded that ventricular CSF lactic acidosis is indicative of a severe, although not necessarily intractable, disturbance of brain function associated with intracellular lactate production and acidosis.[1]


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