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Effect of some anthelmintics on malate dehydrogenase activity and mortality in two avian nematodes Ascaridia galli and Heterakis gallinae.

Cambendazole and tiabendazole at 10(-4) M concentrations caused mortality in both the parasites after 10 min and 20 min, respectively. H. gallinae was killed by 10(-4) M haloxon but A. galli remained alive even after 60 min exposure. The effect of these drugs was found to be irreversible since no resumption of activity was observed when the parasites were returned to normal saline solution. The ratio of oxaloacetate reduction to malate oxidation in the homogenates of A. galli and H. gallinae was 4.38:1 and 3.17:1 respectively. Cambendazole at 10(-3) M inhibited the enzymic activity in both directions by 100% in both A. galli and H. gallinae. 10(-3) M tiabendazole, however, inhibited the malate oxidation by 82.8 and 60.8% and oxaloacetate reduction by 76.6 and 92% in A. galli and H. gallinae, respectively. Haloxon had little effect on malate dehydrogenase activity of any of the parasite. Assay of malate dehydrogenase, following the in vitro drug treatment cambendazole and tiabendazole, exhibited moderate inhibition of the activity in both the parasites.[1]


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