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Chemical Compound Review

Eustidil     7-[bis(2- chloroethoxy)phosphoryloxy]- 3...

Synonyms: Galloxon, Galoxone, Haloxona, Haloxone, Helmiron, ...
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Disease relevance of Galloxon


High impact information on Galloxon


Anatomical context of Galloxon

  • In contrast, after haloxon treatment (100 mg/kg p.o.) an accumulation of microfilariae was found in the peritoneal cavity only, following a time course similar to that after DEC [7].

Associations of Galloxon with other chemical compounds

  • The anthelmintic efficacy of oxfendazole and haloxon against arrested Haemonchus contortus larvae in sheep [8].
  • SAN did not inhibit DAN synthesis, while HAL was a profound inhibitor of DNA synthesis (98% inhibition after 4 h at 100 microgram/ml) [9].


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