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Lymphocytes modulated by beta interferon express new non-HLA-A,B,C class I antigens.

Peripheral blood lymphocytes were cultured with recombinant beta interferon ( INF-lymph). Three days in culture and 5 X 10(4) units/ml produced the best modulatory effect. Platelet absorbed alloantisera previously shown to contain non-HLA-A,B,C class I antibodies were tested with the INF-lymph. The serologic reactivity could be blocked by turkey sera to human B2-microglobulin but not by turkey anti-Ia-like. Absorption studies with INF-lymph obtained from donors expressing different HLA antigens indicated that the serologic reactivity is not due to HLA. Fourteen sera appeared to cluster in three groups, only one of which was found to be associated with HLA (HLA-A1). Antigenic modulation of INF-lymph obtained from HLA-A1+ individuals with HLA-A1 typing alloantisera eliminated subsequent lysis mediated by HLA-A1 alloantibodies and complement but not lysis with platelet absorbed antibodies included in the cluster associated with HLA-A1. These findings suggest independence from HLA-A1 and coexpression of HLA-A1 and A1-associated class I antigens. Family studies indicated that the reactivities segregated with HLA thus mapping it to chromosome VI. Similar to what we have described with PHA, beta interferon modulates lymphocytes and induces the expression of new class I differentiation antigens probably analogous to the murine Qa-T1a antigens.[1]


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