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Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a chick alpha-actinin.

We have isolated and sequenced a 2.1-kilobase cDNA encoding 86% of the sequence of alpha-actinin. The cDNA clone was isolated from a chick embryo fibroblast cDNA library constructed in the expression vector lambda gt11. Identification of this sequence as alpha-actinin was confirmed by immunological methods and by comparing the deduced protein sequence with the sequence of several CNBr fragments obtained from adult chicken smooth muscle (gizzard) alpha-actinin. The deduced protein sequence shows two distinct domains, one of which consists of four repeats of approximately 120 amino acids. This region corresponds to a previously identified 50-kDa tryptic peptide involved in formation of the alpha-actinin dimer. The last 19 residues of C-terminal sequence display an homology with the so-called E-F hand of Ca2+-binding proteins. Hybridization analysis reveals only one size of mRNA (approximately 3.5 kilobases) in fibroblasts, but multiple bands in genomic cDNA.[1]


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