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The use of bambermycins (Flavomycin) and halofuginone (Stenorol) in diets for growing turkeys.

Experiments were conducted at three geographic locations in the United States (Arkansas, Colorado, and Minnesota) to examine the response of Large White turkeys to bambermycins in the presence of halofuginone. Each location utilized diets commonly used at that station for growing turkeys. All diets contained 3 ppm halofuginone, and were supplemented with 0, 1, 2, or 4 g bambermycins/ton (908 kg). Bambermycins was fed from day-old to marketing; halofuginone was removed from feed for 3 days prior to marketing. Although there were some significant differences in final body weights or feed utilization among locations, there were no significant interactions of location X bambermycins. Body weight of males was significantly (P less than .05) improved by the addition of 2 g bambermycins/ton. Body weight of females was significantly (P less than .05) improved by all levels of bambermycins; 4 g/ton stimulated significantly (P less than .05) superior gains than 1 or 2 g/ton. When body weight for both sexes was combined, bambermycins at 2 and 4 g/ton resulted in significant (P less than .05) improvements in body weight. Feed utilization, expressed as units of feed per unit of gain, was not significantly influenced by dietary treatment. There were no significant differences in mortality related to location or dietary treatment.[1]


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