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Orientation of ferrochelatase in bovine liver mitochondria.

The orientation of ferrochelatase (protoheme ferro-lyase, EC, the terminal enzyme of the heme biosynthetic pathway, was examined in bovine liver mitochondria. The ability of a membrane-impermeable sulfhydryl reagent, 4,4'-dimaleimidylstilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid, to inactivate ferrochelatase in intact or disrupted mitochondria and mitoplasts was examined. Using succinate dehydrogenase as an internal marker, it was found that ferrochelatase was inactivated only in disrupted mitochondria and mitoplasts, suggesting an internal location for the active site of the enzyme. In addition, antibodies raised against purified ferrochelatase were found to inhibit activity only in disrupted but not in intact mitoplasts. These data demonstrate that in bovine liver mitochondria ferrochelatase is located on the matrix side of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Data obtained with the membrane-impermeable amino reagent isethionyl acetimidate indicate that ferrochelatase physically spans the inner mitochondrial membrane with portions of the protein exposed on both sides of the membrane.[1]


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