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Formation of septum-like structures at locations remote from the budding sites in cytokinesis-defective mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Cell wall structures that partition membrane-bound portions of cytoplasm were formed at sites along the peripheral wall when a cytokinesis-defective cell division cycle mutant (cdc3) of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was grown at a restrictive temperature. The appearance of these structures, as observed in electron micrographs, was similar to that of normal septa. Aberrant septa were also detected in cytokinesis mutants harboring mutations cdc10, cdc11, and cdc12, after growth at 37 degrees C. Formation of the abnormal septa was abolished by the introduction, in a cdc3-containing strain, of additional cell cycle mutations that precluded events leading to cytokinesis and cell division. These results showed that septum formation can occur in the absence of cytokinesis. Formation of the abnormal structures was controlled by the same sequences of cell cycle events as formation of normal septa but was not subject to the spatial controls that ensure association of the septum with the budding site.[1]


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