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Treatment of Theileria annulata infection in calves with parvaquone.

Fifteen calves were infected by the injection of stabilate of a suspension of Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum ticks infected with the Ankara strain of Theileria annulata. Three were kept untreated, as controls, and they all died of theileriosis. Three groups of four calves were treated intramuscularly with parvaquone (Clexon; Wellcome) when early signs of theileriosis were clinically apparent. One group received 20 mg (kg bodyweight)-1 of parvaquone 10 days after infection. Two of these calves were clinically cured and two died of theileriosis. The remaining two groups of four calves received two doses of parvaquone, each of 10 mg (kg bodyweight)-1, either on days 10 and 11 or days 10 and 12. Three calves in each group were clinically cured while one in each group died of theileriosis. Total parasitological cure was not achieved in any of the calves. No symptoms of toxicity due to parvaquone treatment were observed.[1]


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