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Radioisotope renography in spinal cord injury.

Isotope renography was compared to excretory urography, voiding cystourethrography and endogenous creatinine clearances in 52 spinal cord injury patients. Renogram abnormalities were detected in 86 per cent of the cases. The most common abnormality was the delay of isotope excretion from the renal cortex and pelvis. Anticholinergic medication significantly reduced these excretion delays. A subgroup containing 22 newly injured patients was evaluated separately. Renogram abnormalities in this subgroup were associated with normal excretory urography and normal creatinine clearances. We postulate that the defect producing upper tract deterioration in spinal cord injury begins early, is obstructive to renal drainage, does not increase with time and probably requires early intervention with anticholinergic medication or transurethral sphincterotomy to prevent upper tract damage.[1]


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