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Nickel allergy: analysis of metal clothing objects and patch testing to metal samples.

In 22 nickel-sensitive subjects, 57 metal clothing objects were said to be not tolerated (37) or tolerated (20). They were analysed by X-ray energy dispersion in electron microscopy, and by the dimethylglyoxime spot test. The correlation between the analytical results and the statements of patients is discussed. Patch tests to nickel-plated metal samples with various thicknesses of chromium (0.25 mu to 1 mu) or gold/copper/cadmium (0.5 mu) were performed in human subjects or in guinea pigs sensitive to nickel. Surface-plating and anticorrosive techniques, as well as the results in nickel-sensitive subjects, are described and discussed. Good tolerance will not be obtained under experimental conditions if nickel in any form is a component of the object. It is to be hoped that appropriate regulations will prohibit the use of nickel in the manufacture of clothing objects.[1]


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