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Patch Tests

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Disease relevance of Patch Tests


High impact information on Patch Tests


Chemical compound and disease context of Patch Tests


Biological context of Patch Tests


Anatomical context of Patch Tests


Associations of Patch Tests with chemical compounds

  • Special studies indicated a high titer quinidine-dependent IgG antibody level in the patient's serum and a strongly positive quinidine patch test result on his forearm [25].
  • In contrast, the percentages of CLA+ T cells in the lesional skin of patients with AD, in the APT reactions, and in sodium lauryl sulfate and nickel patch test reactions were decreased [20].
  • METHODS: An ethanol patch test on the upper arm and a questionnaire survey addressing the past history of alcohol-induced asthma were administered to 148 adult Japanese asthmatic subjects [15].
  • The successful completion of a test is indicated by a fill tab, which changes color when the appropriate amount of sweat has been picked up by the chloride test patch [26].
  • In many cases a positive routine patch test to thiomersal should be considered an accidental finding without or, probably more accurately, with low clinical relevance [27].

Gene context of Patch Tests

  • CD biopsies were taken from 10 positive skin patch test sites and iNOS immunoreactivity was detected in all of these. iNOS immunoreactivity was detected in only one of the negative patch test biopsies [28].
  • OBJECTIVE: To study the expression of CS-1 fibronectin, TARC and Th1-associated chemokine receptors in biopsies from allergic patch test reactions [29].
  • In contrast, ICAM-1 is already expressed in higher levels in normal skin and is hardly enhanced during the first 8 h of patch test reactions [30].
  • In this group, biopsies from positive atopic allergen patch tests showed an enhanced density of fibers labeled by antibody to Neuron-specific protein 9.5 and a lower density in labeling for Tyrosine hydroxylase [31].
  • In 48-h inhalant allergen patch test reactions, however, IFN-gamma mRNA and IL-2 mRNA expression were increased above levels observed in control skin, whereas IL-4 mRNA expression was decreased below background levels [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Patch Tests


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