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Dual-photon Gd-153 absorptiometry of bone.

Dual-photon absorptiometry with gadolinium 153 was used to measure the mineral content of lumbar vertebrae in cadavers, excised vertebrae with marrow, and dry, marrow-free vertebrae. The error introduced by the surrounding soft tissue of cadavers was 3%, and the error in determining mineral mass or density in excised vertebrae was about 5%. The correlation coefficient between the results of Gd-153 and corrected iodine 125 (single-photon) absorptiometry on 24 femoral necks was 0.99, and the predictive error was 3.7%. Dual-photon absorptiometry accurately indicates bone mass and bone density and is only slightly affected by either surrounding tissue or fat changes in bone marrow.[1]


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